Bali – Yoga Barn review

Bali  – Yoga Barn review

During my first visit to Bali, I decided that I wanted to check off a couple things on my list. This included travelling solo, doing some yoga, and try staying in a hostel or homestay. My good friend recommended I check out Yoga Barn, since she had stayed there a couple years back, and found it to be a good, safe, and economical option.

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Yoga Barn is located in Ubud, on the bottom right corner of the square that is the city centre of Ubud. I did a fair amount of research into which yoga studio to check out. What I liked about Yoga Barn was:

  1. its proximity to town. It is within easy walking distance to some of the local attractions in Ubud, such as the Sacred Monkey SanctuaryUbud market, etc
  2. its size. Although there are two main yoga studios for normal classes, Yoga Barn sits on a massive lot, including two on-site accommodations (will get into later), a Spa, Kafe, a healing centre.
  3. its classes. If you look at the schedule, there are classes from from 7am till 9pm. There is something for everyone.

The Accomodation:
When my friend went, she stayed in Yoga Barn Guest House, which she said was a little outdated. I stayed in the Nest, their newest accommodation, which has been operating for less than a year. While the Nest also had private rooms,  ranging from USD80-100 per night, I stayed in the shared room. Shared rooms are female only. It had 5 bunk beds (each with its own lockbox for valuables), a shared bathroom, and a general bench and mirror with stools for getting ready. Nightly rate for a bed in the shared room was USD30.

Generally, Yoga Barn is quite popular, and if you wanted to book, it’s best to do so in advance. The private rooms go fast! Weekends were booked out something like a month before I arrived. However, the shared rooms usually had stragglers that stay for a night or two so there was no issue with booing a bed. Of the two nights that I’d spent there, the room was never fully occupied.

Downstairs lounge area of the Nest

The Nest complex did not have access to a pool. But that was fine by me. I purely used the room for sleeping, and the rest of my time I spent exploring Ubud.

And since this is a yoga site, most roomies are early go-getters. I woke up around 7am everyday, and was always the last one to leave the room.

IMG_4898 2The Garden Kafe, which is the on-site dining at Yoga Barn, was fantastic. Its prices are in line with Bali prices (about USD3-USD4 for a drink, and USD5-USD8 for a meal), and there was such a great variety! I loved the vegan options, and I normally can’t go two meals without meat. I don’t even know what to recommend from its menu because I loved everything I ate! They serve all meals, drinks/coffees, and have buffets on Sundays.

IMG_4767 2They also make their own freshly pressed juice. Great for an after workout treat!

The classes

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Upstairs studio

Pricing for classes come in one, three, five, ten, twenty, and thirty. For myself, I bought a five class pass for Rp550,000 (~USD38). You are not able to book classes ahead, so as long as you show up about 15 minutes prior to the start of class, you should be able to secure a spot. There is a steady flow of people throughout the day, but I did not cramped in any of my classes.

Unfortunately I did not get to sneak in a picture of the downstairs yoga room, because that room was gorgeous. It was where I had my first class, and it was amazing to do yoga with the sun filtering in through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and hear actual nature at your side.

Something else that’s special to Yoga Barn is their Ecstatic Friday Dance and Sunday Dance. In the open amphitheatre area in front of the studio, I kid you not, people started lining up for this event two hours prior! I heard the rumbling from the other side of the lot when it started. It’s exactly as it sounds –  about 100 people dancing freely to very interesting thumping beats. I did not partake because I really had no idea it was such a big deal. But that’s okay, eating Vegan for three days seem to be where I draw my line of spiritual freedom.

Final Thoughts

I had a pleasant two night stay at Yoga Barn. You cannot beat being able to get up and walk the five steps to the studio in the morning. It motivated me to actually make that 7:30am class.  I think the value of the shared room was fantastic. If I was to travel solo again, I would definitely go back.


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